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• Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier

CARGOTRANS is responsible for handling shipments and cargo at ports and harbors worldwide on behalf of shipping owners, take care quickly and efficiently all the regular routine tasks of a shipping company.

Cargo Ship at Wharf

ü  Drawing up the documents for the customs and harbour services

ü   Warehousing and distribution

ü  Assisting the master in making the necessary contacts with the local aZuthorities and the harbour authorities

ü  Arranging the necessary to repair clean containers

ü  Conveying instructions to and from the ship owner

ü  Organizing the supply, transport and the handling of the goods.

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ü  Organizing the necessary contacts with the stevedores

ü  Collecting freights, cargoes

ü  Keeping contacting with shippers and consignees of the cargoes

ü  Providing socket for reefer cargoes

ü  Handling the SOC – COC shipments

ü  Managing container to any port or destination appointed

ü  Returning container with new commodity instead of empty container to make new business.