Software development

Marketing for Software Companies: 3 Proven Strategies

“I love that Asana is very easy to customize and leverage in communicating with team mates. It makes it very easy to organize and prioritize our project tasks.” Tools such as LastPass allow users to generate and store secure passwords and can be used for individuals, small teams, and enterprises. There are few things more frustrating than a back-and-forth email…

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Definition Of System Integration Testing

This approach is helpful only when all or most of the modules of the same development level are ready. This method also helps to determine the levels of software developed and makes it easier to report testing progress in the form of a percentage. On the other hand, system testing is a type of testing that verifies the software’s behavior…

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Ad Hoc Testing

Testers will typically group the checks by component for convenience but even this isn’t necessary – they might even devise the checks while performing them. Ad-hoc testing is the least formal software testing method, and requires a tester that is adequately experienced in the system. The tester then uses their intuition to find possible defect sources, a technique called Error…

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